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A natal chart – also referred to as a birth chart – is a picture of the sky at the moment you were born. It tells a story of what is written in the stars about you, who you are, the energy you carry with you and what we are here to master. A natal chart is like a personal owners manual with the coordinates to the GPS navagation system locked in on the path of your souls journey.



**Please note that this report is frequently purchased for babies/children, perhaps due to an incoming link or possibly because of the word “Natal” in its title. However, this is NOT a report designed for children. The Natal report assumes that the natal chart in question is of an adult.



To order, please include Name, date of birth Month/Day/Year format or spell out the month (example, March rather than 03 for clarity), place of birth, city, state/country of birth, and time of birth if known, example 7:22 PM. If unknown, please type “unknown.”





Natal Chart

  • In this shop area of the site, you’ll find a variety of computer reports by various authors/astrologers. These computer reports are high-quality and low-priced.

  • All computer reports are delivered via email attachments within 24 hours of the next business day.

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