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Combine our Romantic Compatibility Report and our Vedic Compatibility Report. Please read the descriptions for each separate report before ordering, particularly the Vedic report which is based on a different system and is geared towards more old-fashioned gender expectations. If the Vedic report is not for you, you might select the Romantic Compatibility report alone.


Romantic Compatibility Report


The Romantic Compatibility Report *with Birth Times* is a compatibility report that uses a number of techniques to explore a relationship’s dynamics. It is a special computerized report that examines a romantic relationship from a variety of angles. What is the nature of your attraction? How do you relate to each other? Which of your personality traits are compatible, and which clash? What are the specific dynamics of your chemistry together? What is the destiny or outcome of your relationship? This report explores all of these issues and more, offering interesting and helpful insight into the personal dynamics of a love relationship.


Vedic Compatibility Report


The Vedic Astrology Romantic Compatibility Report is a special computerized report that examines a romantic relationship using specific criteria in Vedic Astrology. Although we feature Western astrology on our site, we offer this report for a few reasons. Vedic Astrology tends to be very specific—some say fatalistic, although this is not always the case with many modern Vedic astrologers. This particular report will appeal to those who take comfort in a formula or a “bottom line”. A couple either scores well in a particular category… or not. Those who are sensitive to this type of formula should not purchase the report.


Note this is a romantic compatibility report. The Moon signs listed in the report may be different than those in the other reports we offer, due to the use of the Sidereal Zodiac in Vedic astrology, while we use the Tropical Zodiac.


**Important**: Note also that the system used here speaks of the man and the woman. Many of the interpretations are gender-biased—that is the nature of the Vedic compatibility system, which is an old system traditionally used to match women and men for marriage. Because same-sex marriages and relationships were not recognized in those days, this Indian traditional system doesn’t take them into account. Obviously, because this compatibility system is hetero-normative and does not reflect today’s much more friendly progressive views, it’s limited. However, I offer the report to those curious about how their relationship would have fared with this traditional system.


To order, please include for both individuals, Name, date of birth Month/Day/Year format or spell out the month (example, March rather than 03 for clarity), place of birth, city, state/country of birth, and time of birth if known, example 7:22 PM. If unknown, please type “unknown.”

Special: Romantic & Vedic Compatibility

$40.00 Regular Price
$36.00Sale Price
  • In this shop area of the site, you’ll find a variety of computer reports by various authors/astrologers. These computer reports are high-quality and low-priced.
    We offer computerized astrology reports at low prices because we want them to be accessible to our readers. Also, we are not set up to deliver reports instantly online. We manually process the reports and send the reports via email attachments. As such, buyers will wait a little longer (up to 24 hours), but they pay comparatively less for quality reports.
  • All computerized reports are usually sent within 24 hours of purchase and receipt of the full information required to produce the reports.
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